Hi readers!

My name is David Smith and I am a new dad, husband, engineer, gamer, hiker, eater, beer enthusiast, christian, and board game designer.

When I’m not with my four-month old daughter or working behind the desk as a glorified CAD drafter, there’s a fair chance I am playing or developing a board game.

The King’s Legion has been my game design project for almost three years now.  Stemming from my nostalgic love for action adventure and role playing video games, TKL is an adventure role-playing board game that tells the tale of The King’s Legion, an elite task force under the king’s advisement.

The game is still in development, with the first chapter written, designed, prototyped, and now being playtested.  You can find an overview of the game and core design documents on my Board Game Design Forum blog here:  The King’s Legion – BGDF Post

My hope for this site is to encourage other hopeful designers, share my experiences as an amateur game designer, and to touch on other topics and points of interest to board gamers.