Designer Resources

In a sea of information, it’s easy to lose track of where information can be found.  So I will consolidate what resources I know.  My disclaimer is that, as an aspiring game designer, there is a wealth of knowledge and resources out there that I don’t know.  I welcome, and even ask, that you share any resources you know so I can update my page and have a growing pool of information for readers.

The Designer’s Resources List:  This BGG thread contains a thorough list of resources such as: artists & graphic designers for hire, game design tips, manufacturing, and distributors/fulfillment.

Game Design and Copyright, Trademarks, and Patents (US Law):  This BGG thread provides insight into US law and how it applies (or doesn’t) to board games.

Game Design & Self-Publishing:  This BGG thread provides insight into what it takes to get a product (ie board game) out into the market.

Crash Course on Game Design:  This BGG thread provides insight into game design basics, such as early prototypes, internal and external playtesting, and the road to publication.

Tips on Soliciting an Artist, Designer, or Sculptor:  This BGG threads gives advice on what information you should have ready when contacting artists and sculptors.

10,000 Feet to Publishing a Board Game:  This article is a must read!  It gives an outline of what is required to produce a hobby board game, including estimated costs for production elements, such as art, graphic design, printing, delivery, warehouse, etc.  

Steve Cole’s Running a Game Publishing Company:  This book is written by an experienced game publisher and is a good read for those looking to publish games.

Kickstarter Lesson:  The Funding Goal:  If you plan to Kickstart your game (like me), this article discusses developing a realistic funding goal for your board game.

Kickstarter Lessons, by Stonemaier Games:  These folks share their insight into the world of Kickstarter and will help you succeed with your own.  Again, if you plan to Kickstart your game, you should check out these articles, which are conveniently categorized.

Twenty Years, Twenty Lessons:  Mark Rosewater shares 20 game design lessons from his 20 years designing and developing Magic the Gathering.  I’ve listened to his presentation at least 5-6 times, and he gives spectacular advice focused around designing your game for the players.

The Game Crafter:  They do a lot:  sell game components for your prototypes, print-on-demand game manufacturing, publish and sell your game through their website, purchase games published through TGC.  (I bought a huge bag of meeples cheap for TKL prototype.)

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Game Manufacturer’s:  A searchable list and review of game manufacturers.

Folding Board Tutorial:  If you want to make your own folding board for a prototype, use this tutorial.  (They look and feel almost as if professionally manufactured and are cheap to make.  I’m using this to make a bunch of prototypes for my playtesters.)

Game Design (YouTube Channel):  Dr. Lewis Pulsipher shares many screencasts with helpful insight into game design and publication.  They are short and great for listening to while working or driving.

Do you have any resources that should be included in the list above?  Either send me an email or leave a comment.  I will update this list as I find new resources useful for the aspiring board game designer, and hope you find something useful here.